Welcome to the Arcade

THE ARCADE is an historic house on the Greate Street in the equally historic village of Greenwich, Cumberland County, New Jersey. Built in 1834 for four local residents including Noah Flanagan, a Greenwich merchant and member of the New Jersey legislature, the house originally consisted of four separate residences under one roof. Because of this configuration, it very quickly came to be known locally as the “Arcade,” a name that remains to this day. Throughout the nineteenth century the individual residences had a wide range of owners and occupants, including a physician, a milliner, several merchants and tradesmen, and many young families.

In 1905 the southern half of the house was taken down, leaving two individual living quarters. For the next fifty years the two sides were occupied largely by tradespeople and tenant farmers. In the early 1950s the two sides were opened into a single house, and rudimentary plumbing and a furnace were added. Over the next half century, portions of the house served as a bookshop, an antiques shop (several times), and a home.

In 1999 the present owners purchased the Arcade, and over the next several years they completed a meticulous documented restoration of the entire house and surrounding gardens, including a new kitchen and porch addition as well as a period-style shed and workshop at the rear of the property. No detail was spared in either the restoration or the new construction to make everything historically accurate and sympathetic, while at the same time incorporating every modern amenity and convenience. The house is a penennial favorite on the annual Greenwich Christmas House Tour. In 2013 a detailed history of the house was published: The Arcade, Greenwich, Cumberland County, New Jersey: The Land, the House, and the People over Three Centuries.

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