Current Catalogues

The following catalogues are current and accessible on our website:

Books from Five Centuries: A Miscellany

155 books from the early sixteenth century to the late twentieth century, priced $200–$20,000. A selection of rare and uncommon books, including many new acquisitions. Early printing; early English books; science and medicine; eighteenth-century Americana and early American books and pamphlets; color plate natural history; English and American literature; fine press books; and more.

Americana Before 1861

133 books and pamphlets, and a few manuscripts and graphics, 1695–1860, priced $400–$20,000. A wide variety of early Americana, including 18th- and early 19th-century imprints, Revolutionary War pamphlets, travel and exploration, early juveniles, theology, science and medicine, regional pamphlets, &c., &c.

Books Printed before 1701

92 books, 1493–1700, priced $90–$11,000. Early English and continental books on a broad range of subjects: literature, poetry, classics, mythology, gardening, law, the occult, Luther and his contemporaries, science and medicine, important printers, &c., &c.

English and American Literature to 1800

26 books, 1602–1798, priced $150–$15,000. Chiefly early English literature, with a few early American books and two or three first English translations of early continental works.

English and American Literature after 1800

238 books, 1801–1988, priced $50–$5500. Nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature, including signed and presentation copies. Also a few autograph letters and drawings.

Science, Medicine, and Technology

57 books, 1633–1931, priced $100–$12,000. From Elizabeth Blackwell to Benjamin Waterhouse. Architecture, applied science, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, horology, atomic energy, &c., &c.

Rare New Jerseyana

201 items, 1745–1956, priced $250–$5,500. Books, pamphlets, broadsides, maps and atlases, prints and paintings, &c., &c.

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